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    We are very excited about this year as we implement Professional Learning Communities. A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is made up of educators committed to working collaboratively in ongoing processes of collective inquiry and action research to help students continuously achieve better results. This focus on learning translates into four critical questions that drive the daily work of the school. In PLCs, educators demonstrate their commitment to helping all students learn to high levels by working collaboratively to address the following critical questions:

    What do we want students to learn? Each PLC will determine what is essential that each student should know and be able to do as a result of each unit.
    How will we know if they have learned? Each PLC will create and utilize common formative assessments in order to monitor each student’s learning on a timely basis.
    What will we do if they don’t learn? We will work together as a school to develop systematic interventions to provide additional time and support for students who are experiencing difficulty.
    What will we do if they already know it? We will work to enrich the learning and engage students who demonstrate early mastery. As a result, mastery rates and test scores for all students will increase.

    Our families will see two significant changes based on the implementation of PLCs. First, we have moved to a 5-House design in Student Services where we are combining a Dean, 2 Counselors, a Social Worker, and Psychologist in each House. Families will now have one place of contact for all services. The second change will be a delay to the start of school every Monday (with the exception of semester exam week) in order for our entire staff to meet in Professional Learning Communities.

    Finally, efforts as a school will continue to focus on providing opportunities for all students to be more successful socially, as well as academically. Due to overwhelming positive data and support by staff and students, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) will be continued at West Aurora High School this year. PBIS is a school-wide system that teaches and promotes appropriate behaviors by students. PBIS creates and maintains a safe and appropriate environment at West Aurora High School where students can learn.

    Students and parents are encouraged to use the variety of resources your house can provide to assist in your success as a Blackhawk! Please contact your house personnel for:


    Career planning


    Social / emotional concerns

    Academic issues

    Class schedules

    Home access

    Replacement IDs

    Late arrival


    Early Dismissal

    Work Permits

    Student messages

    Parking stickers

    Homework arrangements

    Password reset

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