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Library Databases

  • When accessed from inside West High, students should be connected to the databases automatically. If this automatic login does not occur, a username and password will have to be used. This login information is located in the "Resources" section of the "Library" Schoology Group Page. Students will also need to enter a username and password when not at school.  

    ABC-CLIO American History  - Great site to review a topic, find the definition of a term or explore a specific area in more detail.

    American History Online - Spans more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history to cover the American experience. 

    Biography Reference Center - Contains many of the top-ranked biographical reference collections and magazines, offering a comprehensive collection of full-text biographies, as well as thousands of unique narrative biographies. 

    Bloom’s Literature - Examines great writers, important works, memorable characters, and influential movements and events in world literature. 

    Britannica School - Provides a comprehensive, online encyclopedia, including articles, dictionaries, video clips, images, and web resources, in English and Spanish. The site also includes the following databases: ImageQuest, Enciclopedia Moderna, Escolar Online, Annals of America, and World Data Analyst,  

    Career Cruising - Includes career matching tools, occupation information, specific education and training programs, and a career portfolio tool. 

    Culturegrams - Experience the world through detailed cultural information on more than 200 countries.

    Discovery Streaming - Contains a library of over 5,600 videos, 45,500 content-specific clips, and more than 100,000 multimedia assets that integrate into any curriculum. 

    ERIC/Professional Development - Contains the most significant collection of full-text education journals in the world.  Click on Teacher Resources/Professional Development.

    EBSCO Explora - Provides a general research database covering a wide-range of subject areas including current issues, debate topics, history, science, careers and much more.

    Literary Reference Center - Provides comprehensive, full-text information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and timeframes. 

    Points of View - Contains resources that present multiple sides of an issue and provides the basis from which students can realize and develop persuasive arguments and essays, better understand controversial issues and develop analytical thinking skills.

    Salem Press History - The Twenties in America and The Thirties in America from the critically acclaimed Decades series.

    Science Online
     - Presents a broad range of scientific disciplines through extensive essays, videos, diagrams, definitions, biographies, and experiments. 

    Science Reference Center - Contains full-text content for hundreds of science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals and other sources to meet students' science research needs.

    Teen Health and Wellness - Provides students and teachers with unbiased, straightforward, standards-aligned content on diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health, suicide, bullying, green living, financial literacy, and more.