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Student Parking Requirements

  • Parking Permits are NOW OPEN

    Construction has completed and we have additional student parking spaces. See Mr. Durbin in main office for more information.


    Parking Requirements:

    • Must be senior status and hold a valid driver’s license.
    • Students must be in good standing; No academic, discipline or attendance issues.
    • All school debt must be paid (example: Student fees and/or fines) before receiving permit.
    • $35.00 (November adjustment) parking permit fee must be paid and displayed in your vehicle prior to parking on campus.
  • Student Parking Violations:

    1st Violation = car will be stickered

    2nd Violation = car will be stickered, consequence will be assigned by Dean

    3rd Violation = Vehicle will be towed without warning at owners expense

    Students parked in STAFF or VISITOR PARKING designated spaces will be towed immediately without warning at owner’s expense.

Student Parking

image of WAHS student parking