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How can I come to the library during the school day? 


If you want to work in the library for an entire period, you should come to the library before school and request a pass for your IA or Study Hall. If you need a quick visit to the library to print or check-out/return a book, you may ask your classroom teacher for a pass. Whenever you come in the library, remember to check in at the front desk and show your pass.


Can I come to the library instead of going to lunch? 

Yes. Students may come to the library during their lunch period, but must arrive before the bell and must stay for the entire lunch period.  They do not need a pass.  Please be aware that no food or drink is allowed in the library. 

Is the library open before school/after school? 

Yes. The library opens before school at 7:00 a.m. and is open after school until 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  On Fridays, the Library is closed 7th and 8th hours and after school.

If I have a fine or overdue book, can I check out another book? 

You may check out a book if your fines are less than $1.00. We usually ask that you pay for all or part of the fine before you check out or renew books.  If your fines are over $1.00, we will hold a book for two days for you at the front desk so you can check it out when you come back to pay your fines.


How can I become a student assistant in the library? 

Do you enjoy working with students, teachers, library books, and computers? Do you have an IA or Café Study Hall?  Student assistants must be a sophomore or above and have a GPA of at least 2.5.  See Mr. Fraser or Mrs. Turnquist at the beginning of first or second semester if you are interested in joining our team.