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February  28, 2017 at WAHS Auditorium, Door #18
 image of Manny Scott
 Manny Scott
  • An original Freedom Writer whose story is told in part in the 2007 hit movie, Freedom Writers. Manny Scott has energized over a million leaders, educators, volunteers, and students worldwide with his authentic, inspiring message of hope.
  • At age 16, on a park bench, after being encouraged and inspired by a stranger to write a different story – to create a new life, he turned his page and returned to school with a new attitude and purpose.
  • Through very hard work and with the help of others, Manny has achieved many of his journaled dreams.
  • Manny founded Ink International, Inc., an international consulting team that is preventing thousands of suicides, raising student achievement, and improving teacher effectiveness. 
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Manny Scott is the author of the books below

image of book How to reach youth today image of book turning the page