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  • Peer Mediation

    When students are in conflict with each other, they can go through a process called peer mediation. Students can be referred to mediation by their deans, teachers, or by themselves. During mediation, students are given an opportunity to give each side of the story. Trained student mediators help figure out details of the problem and help students come to a resolution.

    In 90% or more of the mediations, student instigation (“he said/she said”) contributes to the problem. Discussions during mediations help students address instigators. If needed, student instigators are invited to participate in the process as well.

    Each mediation concludes with a written agreement or contract between the two disputing students. These contracts are signed and kept by the students. If problems arise in the future, the contracts can be brought back to Kelly Jacobson at 630-301-5606 or the dean for further discussion. In the 20 years peer mediations have existed at West High, 90% of the contracts have been honored by the students.