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The Virtual Backpack is a place for schools in West Aurora and local organizations to share information electronically.
To request a flyer to be posted within Virtual Backpack, please take a few moments to fill out the submission form below. Please make sure to note on your flyer "Not sponsored by West Aurora 129".


Comcast Discounts
Date: N/A 
FREE Tutoring
 Elementary and Middle School Students 
Date: OPEN 
Gators Football-Aurora
 Ages 5-14 
Date: Please see flyer 
Miles for Smiles
 All are welcome 
Date: 4/30/17 
Campton United Soccer Academy-OPEN House
 Ages 5-19 
Date: May 2-3 
Strikers F.V. Tryouts
 Please see flyer 
Date: May 2017 
2nd Annual Community Begins at Home Breakfast
Date: 5/9/17 
Abbey Farms Summer Camp
Date: June 2017 
Children's nutrition program
 Ages 5-10 
Date: Thursdays, 3/23-5/18 
North Central College Boys Basketball Camps
 Grades 3-9 
Date: June/July 
Spotlight Summer Camps
 Ages 5-18 
Date: Summer 2017 
 Ages 5-7 & 8-18 
Aurora Area Girls Softball
 Please check online for details 
Date: June 1-July 15 
Host an international student
Summer Institute at IMSA
Date: Summer 2017 
Boys Baseball of Aurora
 Ages 6-14 
Date: Summer 2017 
School Physicals 2017
 Kindergarten/6th & 9th 
Date: Please see flyer 


West Aurora 129 Preschool Screening & Registration
 3 and 4 yr old children 
Date: June 1,2 and July 1 and Aug 1,2,3,4 
Portillo's Fundraiser for STEM PTA
 All are welcome 
Date: 5/3/17 
Chili's Fundraiser for Herget PTA
 All are welcome 
Date: May 1-31 
2017 WAHS Summer Camp
Date: Summer 2017 
WAHS Elite Youth Football Camp
Date: June 12-16, 2017 
WAHS Football Freshman Summer Camps
 Incoming Freshman 
Date: June/July 2017 
Need a Good Dentist?
Date: Open 
Vision Clinic
Date: Open 

Noticias en español

Evaluación y Registración Preescolar
 A niños de 3 y 4 años 
Programa de Nutrición para niños
 Los niños enter4 5-10 
Date: Jueves 3/23-5/18 
Eventos de la Biblioteca Pública
Date: Abril 2017 
Date: 6/10/17 
Necesita un buen dentista
Clínica de la visión
Exámenes fisicos escolares 2017
 K-6th & 9th 
Date: Por favor vea el folleto 
Comcast Descuentos