Clubs & Activities

West Aurora High School
Clubs, Activities and Organizations

All Clubs and Organizations are open membership unless otherwise indicated.

* Must be invited or audition to join
**Can join if you are a part of the class

Competitive Clubs

Club Staff Description
Academic Challenge N. Gross (Math) To gain a deeper appreciation of Science and Engineering through contests and group activities (formerly titled WYSE). Contact:
Bass Fishing Team J. Dahle (Jewel MS Science) For students who want to develop fishing skills in a competitive setting. Contact:
BPA** M. Cikesh (District)/C. Sparks (Library)

For students who are interested in computers, business skills or career prep. Contact: OR

Chess Team S. Carroll (Soc Studies) To learn / perfect the game of chess and increase strategic thinking. Contact:
Culinary Club** L. Brennan (CTE) To develop culinary skills through catering and events. Contact:
DECA** L. Treadway/J. Whiteaker (CTE)

For career exploration in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Contact: OR


E-Sports J. Favela (Div) Participate in a multiplayer video games played competitively for spectators. We turn video game playing into a sport! Contact:
FCCLA** K. Armstrong/ L. Nudera (CTE)

To explore careers in Family and Consumer Sciences. Contact: OR


HOSA** A. Sonnefeldt (HSCA) To promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. Contact:
JROTC Drill Team** S. Hellinger/E. Pettyjohn (USAF)

The purpose of the Drill Team is to enable a team to move as a cohesive unit in an orderly manner.  It aids in disciplinary training by instilling habits of precision and response to a leader’s orders, which then provides the development of strong character, attention to detail, and excellence. Contact: OR

Mathletes M. Love/N. Gross/J. Maston (Math) To gain a deeper appreciation of math through contest / group activities. Contact:,, OR
Scholastic Bowl Team C. Bourjaily (CTE) To compete in a Jeopardy-like team against other schools. Contact:
Skills USA K. Phillips (CTE) A national organization serving students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Contact:
Speech Team TBD/TBD To develop skills in defending one’s opinion in a competitive setting. Contact: N/A
StellarXplorers S. Freitag (CTE)/E. Pettyjohn (USAF) To function as a team in a competitive environment, solve complex engineering problems, and develop critical thinking skills. Subject matter focuses on creative solutions to optimize satellite design and launch planning. Contact: OR

Performance Based Clubs

Club Staff Description
Band** P. Sampson/R. Schueller/J. Sierakowski (Fine Arts) To provide entertainment and develop skills in music. Contact:,, OR
Choir** B. Smith/G. Currie (Fine Arts) To develop skills and appreciation for singing. Contact: OR
Comedy Club S. Stern (Science) A student group who writes, casts and performs an annual sketch comedy show. Contact:
Drama Club K. Ruffalo (English/Fine Arts)

To provide opportunities for backstage, onstage and theatre activities.

Fall Play* - J. Pauley (English): to produce and participate in a Main stage production of a drama or comedy. Contact:

Winter Play* - S. Becker (English): a Main stage production of a drama or comedy open to freshmen/sophomores or students new to Drama. Contact:

Winter One Acts* - All Drama Staff: to allow a venue for student-directed and produced one-act plays. 

Spring Musical* - K. Ruffalo (English): to produce and participate in a Main stage production of a musical. Contact:

Madrigals* B. Smith (Fine Arts) To develop skills and appreciation for music through madrigal music. Contact: 
Step Team* T. Towles / T. Walls (Div) To be part of a competitive spirit squad which uses rhythmic sounds in a drill team fashion. Contact: OR

After School Clubs

Club Staff Description
Above The Influence R. Norkett/J. Diestelkamp (Soc Studies) Encourages students to remain “above the influence” of Drugs, Alcohol, Distracted Driving and other Negative Influences that teens face in today’s society. Contact: OR
African American Heritage Club T. Walls (Div) To promote cultural pride and explore influences that shape the African-American community. Contact:
Alianza Hispana O. Delahoya (World Lang) To promote cultural pride and influences that shape the Hispanic community. Contact:
American Sign Language (ASL) Club K. Szkola (Diversified) To increase awareness and knowledge of communicating with individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. Contact:
Anime Club S. Schultz (Art) To provide opportunities to explore the world of anime. Contact:

BE (Biblical Escape)

C. Sendzimer (World Lang) A student-led club that brings fellowship and fun, offering an escape of the busyness of high school by reading the Bible and talking about God. Contact:
Book Club C. Sparks (Library) To read and discuss books to promote the love of reading and critical thinking. Contact:
Breakthrough B. Farren (English)/C. Tammen (Soc Studies) A student-led Christian/Catholic club that brings in guest speakers and worship leaders, attends concerts and conferences, and participates in community service and outreach events. Contact: OR
Broadcasting Club T. Mielcarz (Auditorium) To teach broadcasting skills and practice them at school events. Contact:
Campaign 4 Kindness C. Winchell (Math) To promote and spread acts of kindness at school. Contact:

Clay Club

E. Bogucki (Fine Arts) To develop or expand on skills creating pottery and other clay artwork. Contact:
Coding Club L. Treadway (CTE) To learn how to code and experience new coding languages in the world of computer programming. Contact:
Creative Writing Club C Hill (English) An opportunity to share your poetry or short stories and learn about upcoming writing competitions and events. Contact:
Educators Rising J. Coy (Health) To provide an atmosphere for those students who want to be educators. Contact:
Empowered Women of the Future T. Shepard (English) To empower the young women at West High to discover their voices and make them known in our school, community, state and country to promote social justice. Contact:
Film Club M. Persons (English) An opportunity to study and enjoys movies of various genres. Contact:
French Club** A. Schultz (World Lang) To learn about the French culture and language. Contact:
French Honor Society* A. Schultz (World Lang) To promote scholarship and to recognize high honor achievement in the French language. Contact:
Games Club R. Payne (Soc Studies) To provide opportunities for gaming -  both board and interactive. Contact:
Global Minds A. Cyrus/K. Orchard (Guidance) A for-youth by-youth organization inspiring students to form social bonds, intercultural friendships, and consider global issues in order to combat the issues of cultural intolerance and discrimination. Contact: OR
Gospel Choir  J. Howard (BH Campus)/A. Smith (Out-of-District) To foster the love of gospel music and prepare for performances. Contact: OR
Homework Club J. Hartland (Diversified) Need help on your homework? If so, drop in any time after school to get assistance; meet Monday-Thursday in Room B268. Contact:
Key Club K. Ludwig (Div) A student-led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through serving others. Contact:
Making History R. Payne (Soc Studies) An opportunity to create historical models and dioramas as well as discuss historically significant events. Contact:
Mental Health Awareness Club W. Ha (Soc Studies) To promote an understanding and acceptance of mental health issues. Contact:
Muses J. Pauley (English) To produce a literary magazine which includes poetry, stories and more. Contact:

National Art Honor Society*

J. Goeringer (Art) To honor and promote scholarship, leadership, character and service through the arts. Contact:
National Honor Society* T. Shepard (English) To honor and promote scholarship, leadership, character and service. Contact:
PAWS J. Black/J. Larson (Diversified) To promote awareness of animal welfare efforts and help homeless pets. Contact: OR
Photography Club K. Rhodes (Fine Arts) To develop creativity through photography. Contact:
Pride Club A. Packard (World Lang) To promote a safe and welcoming school environment for all students. Contact:
Robotics TBD Teams of students are tasked with designing and building a robot to play against other teams in a game-based engineering challenge. Contact: N/A
SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) Promise Club R. Payne (Social Studies) A place for young people across the country to show their leadership, creativity and passion for protecting their friends, school and communities from violence BEFORE it happens. Contact:
Sewing Club L. Nudera (CTE) Whether a new or experienced sewer, come to develop skills that will help you succeed in completing your projects. Contact:
Spanish Club** A. Scharm (World Lang) To learn about Hispanic cultures and the Spanish language, while providing social activities and community service. Contact:
Spanish Honor Society* C. Aguilar (World Lang)  To promote scholarship and to recognize high honor achievement in the Spanish language. Contact:
Stage Crew S. Tait (Auditorium) To learn and provide all lighting, sound, scenery & special effects for West High events. Contact:
Student Ambassadors* E. Kegarise (Director of Activities) To provide a venue for service to the school, district and community. Contact:
Student Government C. Fischer (Div) An organization devoted to student voice and involvement at West High. Contact:
West Buddies C. Davidson/E. Hernandez (Div) To provide opportunities for building relationships between all students. Contact: OR
World Relief Homework Club C. Gomez (World Lang) To provide extra assistance and guidance for students who are new to the United States. Contact:

Yearbook Club

M. Kucia (English)/K. Skogsberg (Math) To learn publication techniques and publish the annual yearbook. Contact: OR

Student Government Structure

Meetings: Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Meetings are open to all West High students. Student Government is an opportunity to support school spirit, support Blackhawk teams, develop and mobilize service endeavors, plan and organize activities and dances, and develop leadership skills.

Sound & Spirit

Promote it / Hear it

  • Student Section(Rowdies)
  • Prize Patrol
  • Pep Assemblies 
  • Spirit Weeks
  • Sports Themes


Praise it / Feel it

  • Community Service Events
  • Toiletry Drive
  • Recycle Drive
  • Food Drive
  • Dance Marathon - #FTK
  • FMSC & School Visits


Present it / See it

  • Posters and Flyers
  • Announcements
  • Decorating
  • Social Media


Plan it / Do it

  • Homecoming
  • Winter Dance
  • Prom
  • Special Events
  • Tailgates
  • Races
  • Movie Night
  • Car Show

Student Government Sponsors

Patrick Eschman


Natalie Gross


Jesus Favela


Andrew Plata


Charlotte Fischer


Tricia Schrope

Guidance Counselor