Library Hours (Students):

Monday: 8:35am - 5:00pm
Tuesday - Thursday: 7:15am - 5:00pm
Friday: 7:15am - 1:05pm

 Lincoln Nominee Reading Log
Fill out this form for each 2023 Lincoln nominee you read. If you read and fill out the form for one book, you will get a piece of candy. If you read and fill out the form for four or more nominees, you will be eligible to vote, and you will also be invited to our announcement of the winner (which will include a hot chocolate bar)


All students grades 9-12 are permitted to check out books from the library before school or during their IA or study hall with a signed and dated pass. 


Students in grades 10-12 can visit the library Lunch/Studyhall or IA period up to 3 times per week. You must reserve a spot to check into the library. Students who are not signed up will not be admitted. 

You will receive an email confirmation when you correctly reserve your spot. Come directly to the library before the bell rings. You may NOT sign up for the library during any period other than Lunch/Studyhall or IA. In order to ensure everyone has the opportunity to visit the library, you may NOT visit the library more than once a day or more than 3 times per week.

Click the link to sign up. Reservations become available 2 days before the desired date. If nothing is available, that means we do not have space for you and you will not be admitted.

This does NOT apply to the AAC or testing center.

Click here to sign up for the library (grades 10 to 12 only)

The library is closed to student sign-up 7th and 8th periods every Friday.

Other closures listed here by date: 

January 26-27, 2023 (ACCESS TESTING)



Staff Library Resources

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Contact the LMC

Bruce Fraser

Teacher, Library Information Specialist

Corinn Sparks

Instructional Technology Specialist