Student Parking

parking permits


Students parked in STAFF or VISITOR PARKING designated spaces
will be TOWED IMMEDIATELY, without warning and at the owner’s expense. 

Parking Requirements:

  • Students must hold either senior or junior status and a valid driver’s license.
  • Students must be in good standing with no academic, discipline, or attendance issues. Refunds will be issued for students not meeting those requirements.
  • All school debt must be paid before receiving a parking permit (such as student fees and/or fines).
  • A reserved spot in the lot will be $100, while the spots on the street (Commonwealth and Plum) will be $75. Permits will go on sale for seniors on Monday, July 10th , 2023. On Thursday, July 13th , parking sales will then open up for all student’s who possess a valid Driver’s License and meet the above mentioned criteria.
  • Students must pick up parking sticker between August 1st  and 11th  at West Aurora High School.

Student Parking Violations:

  • 1st Violation
    Vehicle will be stickered and consequence will be assigned by dean.
  • 2nd Violation
    Vehicle will be towed without warning at owners expense.