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Mission Statement

The mission of the School Counseling Program at West Aurora High School is to provide every student guidance and opportunities to access every resource in a nurturing and equitable environment. This accomplishment is by empowering and teaching students the tools, strategies, and skill sets to be successful citizens: critical thinkers, effective communicators, and collaborative problem-solvers.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the School Counseling Program at West Aurora High School and the Aurora community is to provide for students an equitable, academically rich and socially supportive learning environment that builds a student’s capacity to become active and effective participants in a globally demanding and changing the environment. All students will explore their talents and build upon personal strengths which will enable them to prosper in their desired post-secondary career path

School Profile

Graduation & Secondary Education

College & Readiness

Freshman Year

Freshman year is a difficult year, yet it is the most important indicator of student success. Academic planning, career exploration, adjustment to the role of a young high school adult and involvement in school events are the areas of concentration for the incoming high school student.

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year focuses on continuing to build a strong GPA and class rank. Sophomores now move from the adjustment phase of the freshman year to understanding the world of work and their role in it. Some of the aspects emphasized during this grade level include understanding: the nature of work, career path options, and demands, workplace ethics, educational commitment, and job outlook. If their schedule allows, it is now time to select coursework that supplements their career interest/talents. 

Junior Year

Junior year continues to stress the importance of GPA and class rank while heightening opportunities to facilitate post-secondary decision-making and planning. This includes guiding students to seek relative and current information pertaining to their post-secondary options (2-year college, 4-year college, military, technical/trade school or work).

Senior Year

Senior year is still a time for students to continue good study habits in order to maintain a solid GPA and class rank. It is important to continue t take challenging courses in order to best prepare for post-secondary options. It is also important to review progress towards graduation, begin to follow a transition plan for life after high school and meet deadlines for college admissions, NCAA, scholarships, testing, and financial aid. This is a fun time as students can now look back on how they have matured, but there is still work to be done as students prepare for the next phase of their life. 


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Graduation Details

Cap & Gown

To order or pay for a Senior's cap and gown, announcements, or any other Senior products,
please contact Herff Jones at (815)-756-4743 or visit their website below:

Herff jones

Graduation Credit Requirements

A student must earn a minimum of 22 credits to graduate from West Aurora High School.

The minimum of 22 units of credit include the following required courses:

English 4 credits
1 Grammar/Intensive Writing
1 Sophomore Lit
1 American Lit/Intensive Writing

1 English Elective

Math 3 credits
1 Algebra
1 Math course with Geometrical Concepts
1 additional Math course in the proper sequence

Social Studies 2 credit

1/2 Government
1/2 Economics
1 US History
Electives 7 credits Must include...
1 art
1 music

Foreign language or vocational course

Science 2 credits
Health 1/2 credit
P.E./Driver Ed. 3 1/2 credits

1. Under special circumstances, junior and senior students can obtain a “physical education waiver”. Students can obtain more information about the “physical educational waiver” by contacting their school counselor.

2. A student may meet the Consumer Economic requirement by participating in and passing a full year of a school-sponsored work co-op program. In these cases, students must substitute another social studies class for the Economics course since two years of social studies are required for graduation.

For students planning on attending a four year university after graduation, admissions requirements may vary. See individual university web pages for specifics. In general, students planning on attending a four year university after high school should plan on the following:

  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of math (Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2)
  • 3 years of science
  • 3 years of social studies
  • 2 years of the same foreign language
  • 2 years of fine arts or 2 years of vocational course

Commencement FAQ's

When is the ceremony? 

Sunday, May 17, 2020 at 11:00 am 

Where is the ceremony? 

Northern Illinois University Convocation Center 
1525 West Lincoln Highway (Route 38), DeKalb IL 

How many people can we invite? 

Each graduate will receive 10 tickets. They are distributed after rehearsal in May. 

How and when do we order caps and gowns? 

Orders will be taken at the Senior Meeting on Tuesday, October 8. If absent, please stop into the Student Activities Office. Orders can also be taken online at or by calling 815-756-4743. 

How much is cap and gown rental? 

The rental fee is $43.00 if ordered before November 15. After November 15, there is a $10 late fee, making the total rental fee $53.00. The last day to pay the rental fee is February 1. 

How do we pay for cap and gown rental? 

Payment can be made online at or by cash to Herff Jones on the days they are at West High to collect orders. 

What do you mean, “rental”? 

Caps and tassels are yours to keep but the gowns are returned immediately after the ceremony. **HINT – plan your photo opportunities ahead of time** 

When will we get all the details about the Commencement Ceremony? 

A mailing will be sent to parents in late March or early April. Seniors will be given the same information at a class meeting in early April. 

I still have questions. Who should I contact? 

A: For questions about the Commencement Ceremony, contact Patricia Cors in the Student Activities office at 630-301-6507 or For questions about graduation requirements, credits and other academic issues, contact your child’s guidance counselor. 

Transcripts Request

Current Students:
Please contact the Registrar at your school to request your transcripts. Transcripts will be delivered to the colleges you chose in the desired format.

Please follow the link below to request your transcript online.

Transcript Request

House Teams

West High has a 5-House design in Student Services where we combine a Dean, 2 Counselors, a Social Worker, and Psychologist in each House. Families have one place of contact for all services.  
Students and parents are encouraged to use a variety of resources your house can provide to assist in your success as a Blackhawk!

  • Attendance
  • Career planning
  • Discipline
  • Social / emotional concerns
  • Academic issues
  • Class schedules
  • Home access
  • Replacement IDs
  • Late arrival
  • Lockers
  • Early Dismissal
  • Work Permits
  • Student messages
  • Parking stickers
  • Homework arrangements
  • Password reset
First page of the PDF file: 5houseshandout19-20

Student Parking



Payment will only be accepted online via Revtrak at:

Permits will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

  • $100 Parking Lot   ----- SOLD OUT 
  • $75 Off Street Parking (Commonwealth and Plum) ----- SOLD OUT

Must hold Senior/Junior status and have a valid driver’s license.

Students must be in good standing; No academic, discipline or attendance issues. Refunds will be issued for students not meeting academic, discipline or attendance requirements.

All school debt must be paid (example: Student fees and/or fines) before receiving permit.

$100 parking lot/$75 off street parking permit fee must be paid and sticker must be displayed in your car by August 22, 2019.

A parent-approved application is required before a permit is issued. Please present your filled out form and proof of purchase (receipt) to receive your permit. Permit Applications can be printed below or picked up at the main office. The application can be turned in during lunch period or before/after school. 

Parking Application

Student Parking Violations:

1st Violation = car will be stickered, consequence will be assigned by Dean

2nd Violation = Vehicle will be towed without warning at owners expense

Students parked in STAFF or VISITOR PARKING designated spaces will be towed immediately without warning at owner’s expense.

First page of the PDF file: Student_Parking_Map

Freshman Transition Program (LINK)

The Link Crew freshman orientation and transition program is designed to both welcome and support freshmen by assigning them a junior or senior Link Leader as a mentor during their first year. The Link Leader is a responsible older student who was hand selected from a large pool or applicants and has met the qualifications of being a good role model and a positive leader on our campus. 
For more information about Link Crew, please contact lead teacher Deborah Allbee.

Deborah Allbee


Communities in School

Our students can receive ongoing counseling support through Communities in Schools (CIS). In order to participate, parents can contact Kelly Jacobson or their son/daughter's counselor. The process requires two sets of permission slips: One, to give the school staff permission to release the student's contact information to CIS, the second for CIS.

Once that is done, a CIS counselor will interview the student and conduct an intake in order to match services to student needs. Once this is complete, another set of paper work goes home for parent signature so that services can be provided. The student participates during his/her lunch and study hall weekly throughout the school year.

Kelly Jacobson

Student Assistance Coordinator