Student Services

House Teams

West High has a 5-House design in Student Services where we combine a Dean, 2 Counselors, a Social Worker, and Psychologist in each House. Families have one place of contact for all services.  
Students and parents are encouraged to use a variety of resources your house can provide to assist in your success as a Blackhawk!

  • Attendance
  • Career planning
  • Discipline
  • Social / emotional concerns
  • Academic issues
  • Class schedules
  • Home access
  • Replacement IDs
  • Late arrival
  • Lockers
  • Early Dismissal
  • Work Permits
  • Student messages
  • Parking stickers
  • Homework arrangements
  • Password reset

Meet the House Teams

    Counseling resources 

    Resources and information to support you during this time away from home. 



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    Danial Durbin

    Danial Durbin

    Assistant Principal, Student Services
    Steve John

    Steve John

    Lead School Counselor
    Len Casamassimo

    Len Casamassimo

    Staff Resource Office
    Kelly Jacobson

    Kelly Jacobson

    Student Assistance Coordinator
    Sue Fowler

    Sue Fowler

    College & Career Readiness Coordinator


    Upward Bound Program